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Her unfathomable victories, eight NCAA Championships and 32 combined Southeastern Conference titles speak to her incredible management and mastery of the 4,700 square feet of round ball real estate.

And few have even come close to accomplishing what she has done outside the lines for the last 38 years.

For nearly four decades, the University of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball program has been among the nation's elite and, in the process, has changed the way women's collegiate hoops is perceived across the country.

No one did a better job of managing what goes on inside the 94x50 rectangle known as a collegiate basketball court than the UT legend.

Typically, though, the "news" simply isn't true or can't be confirmed. An important part of Summitt's life has presented a daunting challenge to one of her signature traits. Summitt also hosted several coaches over the Labor Day weekend, including former players Tanya Haave, who is the new head coach at San Francisco, and Western Carolina coach Kellie Harper.

Still, if everybody is talking about something, shouldn't the newspaper have it? A case in point is Pat Summitt's separation from her husband. But we recognized that, short of a public record of divorce or some acknowledgement by the coach, reporting the rumor could be seen as an unwarranted intrusion into her privacy. Summitt's 913 career victories are testament to many personal attributes. Middle Tennessee State coach Rick Insell and Summitt's Villanova buddy, Harry Perretta, were here as well.

Summitt, a Knoxville businessman married to Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, went from silly to mean.

She was the first NCAA coach, and one of four college coaches overall, with at least 1,000 wins.

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Patricia Sue "Pat" Summitt (née Head; June 14, 1952 – June 28, 2016) was an American women's college basketball head coach who, over the course of her career, accrued 1,098 career wins, the most in NCAA basketball history.

Dan Fleser, who covers the Lady Vols, was sensitive to the sensibilities of Coach Summitt, but he also was aware that the separation was common knowledge, and avoiding public acknowledgement might merely fuel private speculation. In the next month, Summitt will be on the road, making home visits to prospects and doing corporate speaking engagements.

Today, he brought the matter into the open in a column, KNS_19597_4970803,00which also is posted here as an extension. I thought it was tastefully and appropriately handled. While her pace isn't unusually excessive, she isn't meandering either.

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More importantly, my understanding is that coach Summitt agreed. If anything, Summitt's itinerary reflects another important trait - seemingly boundless energy, particularly for all things basketball-related. The Lady Vols are believed to be bringing in five top recruits for official visits.